Montessori kindergarten

Choosing between Montessori and Traditional education for your young child's Kindergarten program can be a difficult choice.  

Here are some important points to help with your decision:

  • Montessori Curriculum is based on a three year cycle.
    • Each year in the Montessori environment builds on the last. 
    • The third year is a culmination and integration of all that they have learned.
    • The third year reinforces all of the student’s earlier experiences.
    • First and second years in the classroom prepare for abstract concepts in the third year.

  • The Kindergarten students are leaders in the classroom.
    • Peer teaching in a Montessori classroom is very powerful.
    • These students model appropriate behavior and develop leadership skills that last a lifetime.
    • The MSC Kindergarten curriculum closely aligns with the Common Core State Standards.

  • Montessori prepares for "learning how to learn".
    • Montessori kindergartners are enthusiastic, engaged and independent.
    • Most students have already mastered the skills their new classroom requires.
    • These students are confident learners who adjust quickly and enjoy the challenge of a new school environment.

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