Jackie Hutchins, MA, AMS-EC, Lead Teacher - Primary Five Classroom

Contact Ms. Jackie: primary.five@montessorischoolofcheyenne.org

Lead Assistant: Ms. Sierra

Ms. Kenny

Angela Weigel, BA, AMS-EC - Lead Teacher - Primary Four Classroom

Angela began working at MSC in 2018. She believes that Maria Montessori is right when she says "it’s not enough to love a child." Angela's is thrilled to love, nurture and watch the children in her classroom grow. Angela has been a part of the teaching community for 28 years, but is new to Montessori and loves learning new Montessori work right along with her students!

Contact Ms. Angela: primary.four@montessorischoolofcheyenne.org

Lead Assistants: Ms. Taylor

Lindsey Davis, BS, AMS-IT, PITC I/T Credential - ​Executive Director

Lindsey has been with MSC since 2000.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Child Development from University of Wyoming in 2007 and then completed her Montessori Infant Toddler Certification in 2008 from The Montessori Education Center of the Rockies.  She was a lead toddler teacher for 13 years. Prior to becoming MSC’s Director, she served as the interim director and assistant director. The Montessori philosophy and Montessori School of Cheyenne have played a huge role in her life and she is very humbled and thankful to be leading such a wonderful program.  Lindsey has high hopes for the future of MSC.  Both of Lindsey’s children have attended MSC and it holds a very special place in her heart.  On her free time she enjoys spending time family and friends and practicing yoga when she gets the chance.

Contact Ms. Lindsey: director@montessorischoolofcheyenne.org

Georgie Johnson, BA, AMS-EC - Lead Teacher - Primary One Classroom

Georgie graduated with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming in 2016.  She has been an early childhood teacher for 5 years.  Ms. Georgie and her husband moved to Cheyenne in 2019.  After finding MSC, she fell in love with the school's culture and the Montessori Philosophy.  She will complete her internship and graduate with her Montessori Early Childhood Credential in May.  She is so grateful to be a part of the Montessori family. Following the child, cultivating a peaceful and caring community, and fostering independence are some of her favorite aspects of Montessori education.

Contact Ms. Georgie: primary.one@montessorischoolofcheyenne.org

Lead Assistant: Ms. Faith

Ms. Faith, Primary One

Ms. Ashley, Primary Two



Ms. Taylor, Primary Four

Additional Faculty & staff

Ms. Alyssa, Toddler One

Ms. Sue

Madison Marsh, BA  Lead Teacher - Primary Three Classroom

I am currently in my Montessori training and I am so excited to be apart of this school. Montessori education has become an important part of my life and sharing it is an absolute joy. 
I love watching my students grow everyday. 

Contact Ms. Madison: primary.three@montessorischoolofcheyenne.org

Lead Assistant: Ms. Brittany

Lead Assistants


Brittaney Stewart, BS, AMS  - IT - Lead Teacher - Toddler One Classroom

Brittaney has loved being a part of MSC! There are many things that Brittaney likes about Montessori education, but her top two reasons are fostering each child’s independence within the classroom, and meeting the child’s needs where they are developmentally. When Brittaney is not in the classroom you can find her taking road trips, spending time with friends and family, or reading a book.  She currently has one cat fur baby named Sophie who I rescued from the animal shelter in Laramie Wyoming.

Contact Ms. Brittaney: toddler.one@montessorischoolofcheyenne.org

Lead Assistant: Spencer

Faculty and Staff

Samantha Odell, BA, AMS-IT, Lead Teacher - Toddler Three Classroom

Samantha O'Dell started working at MSC in 2009. Samantha has a BA in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood and earned her Montessori Infant/Toddler Certification in 2017. Samantha loves that Montessori focuses on the individual child and their potential, offers mixed ages in the classroom, and fosters independence. Samantha loves being outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

Contact Ms. Samantha: toddler.three@montessorischoolofcheyenne.org

Lead Assistant: Ms. Kris

Primary Lead Teachers

Ms. Danielle, BS Primary Five

Ms. Estelle, Toddler Two

Karla Nelson, AA, AMS-IT, Lead Teacher - Toddler Two Classroom

Karla began working at MSC in 2002.  She loves everything about the Montessori philosophy.  Seeing the pride of the children when they master a task, the awe of the parents when they see what their child is capable of and the freedom the children have to pursue their interests.  Karla has three children, two grown sons and one young daughter.

Contact Ms. Karla: toddler.two@montessorischoolofcheyenne.org

Lead Assistant: Ms. Estelle

At the Montessori School of Cheyenne, we feel very lucky to have caring, highly qualified, and loyal teachers and administrators. Many of our teachers have been at the school for over five years and some staff have served the school for 10-20 years. Many of our teachers hold degrees related to children and education and all of our teachers are certified by the American Montessori Society (AMS).

Each classroom has one Montessori-certified lead teacher as well as one assistant teacher.

The strong educational backgrounds and substantial classroom experiences of our faculty make them highly trained and knowledgeable in the area of early childhood education. The Montessori School of Cheyenne supports ongoing professional development for all of our staff through internal and external staff training and other educational pursuits.


Ms. Jennifer

Ms. Savanna 



parent Board of directors

Ms. Brittany, Primary Three

Where exploration fosters a love of learning

​President: Tracy Hucke
Treasurer: Eang Man
Secretary: Melissa Theriault

Board Members: Chris Olejnik, Karlynn Quist, Ashlee Martindale, Norm Charette

Contact MSC Board:  boardmsc@googlegroups.com



Alyssa Trevathan, BS, AMS-EC - Lead Teacher - Primary Two Classroom

Alyssa taught a year of preschool in Colorado and fell in love with the age group. She is new to Montessori but already loves the philosophy and sees how well it works to inspire children to be independent learners. She has two sweet kitties named OJ and Lily who keep me on my toes. 

Contact Ms. Alyssa: primary.two@montessorischoolofcheyenne.org

Lead Assistant: Ms. Ashley


Ms. Haley, Toddler Three

Toddler Lead Teachers

Ms. Tig

Alaina Blakely, MA, AMS-EC - ​Assistant Director

Alaina started working at MSC in 2000. She loves the Montessori philosophy because it allows the child to have freedom to explore his or her surroundings.  In her free time, Alaina enjoys running and spending time with her husband and two step children.

Contact Ms. Alaina: assistant.director@montessorischoolofcheyenne.org