Where exploration fosters a love of learning

Our Unique history

We are blessed to be in a position that greatly influences and develops the future. We pride ourselves in our love for children and in our belief that the Montessori philosophy is the best way to let the child's own spirit develop.

As parents, our number one job is to provide for our children in every way possible. Finding the perfect educational (preschool, child care or daycare) environment is very important…and stressful! The place we choose will need to prepare them academically, socially, and personally for life!

At the Montessori School of Cheyenne, we are committed to providing that to our children. We offer a "prepared environment" rich in educational materials, social acceptance, and a respect for all living things.

In 1978, Betty Ann Beierle began The Montessori School of Cheyenne. It was first located in the basement of a church and later moved to 3619 Evans Ave. At that time, the school offered one morning class for approximately 15-20 children. It began as a 501C(3) non-profit organization and continues with this status today. We are thankful to Betty Ann Beierle for the foundation she laid for those of us who followed.

Today, the Montessori School of Cheyenne is located at 5926 Townsend Place.  We moved into this school in June of 2016! We house five Primary classrooms (preschool age children 3-6) and three Toddler classrooms (daycare age children 12 months old-3). We continue to grow and expand our natural playground for the children to learn and explore outside the classroom.

Thank you to all of our wonderful parents, alumni, volunteers, staff and to the community; who gladly help out to support our school. Remember, it is the children that bring the blessings of each day. The hugs, the smiles and the giggles are priceless! We are thankful for what they teach us!