Toddler Ages 12 months - 3 years old

At the Montessori School of Cheyenne, the toddler environment is prepared for each individual child to develop full potential in all areas of life.  The environment is presented not only as a place for learning, but also as a place for exploring and living.  The wide range of Montessori materials and ambiance of the toddler environment are carefully thought out to be beautiful and available for the children. When they have mastered walking and not dependent on a bottle anymore, they are ready to join our toddler program. 

Our teachers create their environments with not only the knowledge of the Montessori philosophy, but also by following and observing each child.  Activities are facilitated to meet the children’s individual developmental needs. The activities will allow your child to develop their fine and gross motor coordination and visual discrimination through Sensorial materials and real-life activities like cooking, care of the environment, and self-care work.  

Toddlers are very active little creatures, who have a natural drive to be independent. They grow each day.  As they learn how to put on their own coat, pour their own water from a pitcher, help prepare their own snack, and clean up their own spills, a growing confidence of “I can do it” will develop. Our toddler program offers so much more than a typical daycare or child care center in Cheyenne, it's an inspiring, love-enriched, educationally fine-tuned environment for our youngest students to develop their love of learning early.

Towards the end of the child’s time in the Toddler room, they will begin to recognize body signals and will make the transition from diapers to using the toilet. After mastering toilet learning and other successes, they are ready to move on to our Primary (Preschool) Program after they have turned three.

Please come and visit! When you tour the school, we invite you to look around the toddler classrooms and always feel free to ask questions about the environment.

Currently we only offer a full-time toddler program.  Our daily routine consists of arrival, morning work cycle, morning snack, circle time, outside time, lunch and nap/rest time.  After naptime, the children have an afternoon snack, work and play until it is time to go home.

Where exploration fosters a love of learning

the toddler classroom & Environment